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Theatrical Films:

“Yo Kai Watch the Movie:The Secret is Created, Nyan” OLM,Inc.
“National Parks Adventure” (IMAX) MacGillivray-Freeman Films
“Humpback Whales” (IMAX) MacGillivray-Freeman Films
“Journey to the South Pacific” (IMAX) MacGillivray-Freeman Films
“Mysteries of the Unseen World” (IMAX) National Geographic
“To The Arctic” (IMAX) MacGillivray-Freeman Films
“Inazuma Eleven Go 3D” OLM,Inc.
“Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows” (pt.2) Warner Bros.
“Space Junk 3D” (IMAX) Melrae Pictures
“Man of Steel” (3D tech study) Warner Bros.
“The Smurfs” (35mm) Sony Pictures Entertainment
“The Green Hornet” (35mm) Sony Pictures Entertainment
“Priest” (3D tech study) Sony Pictures Entertainment
“Pride of Lions” (3D tech study) National Geographic Films
“Fright Night 3D” (35mm) Vincent Productions
“Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows” (pt.1) Warner Bros.
“Alice in Wonderland 3D” (35mm) Disney
“G-Force 3D” (35mm) Disney
“Arabia 3D” (IMAX) MacGillivray-Freeman Films
“Inazuma Eleven 3D” OLM,Inc.
“Shrek 3D” (main titles) Yu+co
“Yogi Bear 3D” (35mm) Warner Bros.
“Grand Canyon Adventure - a River At Risk” (IMAX) MacGillivray-Freeman Films
“Sea Monsters 3D, A Prehistoric Adventure” (IMAX) National Geographic (GSCA Award Winner)
“Grand Canyon” (3D cancelled WIP) (IMAX) Destination Cinema
“Wild Ocean 3D” (IMAX) Yes/No Productions
“Dinosaurs 3D, Giants of Patagonia” (IMAX) Sky High Productions
“Mummies, Secrets of the Pharaohs 3D” (IMAX) Giant Screen Films (Full 3D Conversion)
“Wild Child” (35mm) Working Title / Universal
“Dinosaurs Alive” (IMAX) Dave Clark, Inc.
“U2-3D” (IMAX) 3ality Digital / National Geographic
“Dinosaur Hunters” (IMAX) Dave Clark, Inc.
“The Alps” (IMAX) MacGillivray-Freeman Films
“Lions 3D” (IMAX) National Geographic (Full 3D Conversion)
“Hurricane on the Bayou” (IMAX) MacGillivray-Freeman Films
“Roving Mars” (IMAX) Kennedy / Marshall (VES Award Winner)
“Riding With Cowboys” (IMAX) Cowboy Partners
“Greece, Secrets of the Past” (IMAX) MacGillivray-Freeman Films
“Roar, Lions of the Kalahari” (IMAX) National Geographic
“Magnificent Desolation, Walking on the Moon 3D” Playtone / IMAX (VES Award Winner)
“The Big White” (35mm) Man It’s Cold Prod.
“Life As A House” (35mm) Winkler Films
“The Net 2” (35mm) Winkler Films
“Wired To Win” (IMAX) PD Productions
“The Aviator” (uncredited - matte paintings) DNA Productions
“DeLovely” (35mm) Winkler Films
“Forces of Nature” (IMAX) Graphic Films Corp.
“Spartan” (35mm) Spartan Prod.
“Wings Over North” (IMAX) Province of Ontario
“Dark Blue” (35mm) In Policy Prod.
“Amazing Journeys” (IMAX) Graphic Films Corp.
“T-Rex, Back to the Cretaceous” (IMAX) L2 Productions
“Ocean Oasis” (IMAX) Summerhays Films
“Perdita Durango” (35mm) L2 Productions
“Siegfried and Roy, the Magic Box” (IMAX) L2 Productions

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Ride / Exhibition Films:

Unrevealed Universal Project Universal Creative
“Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” Universal Creative
“No Strangers” Annenberg Center for Photography
“King Kong 360” Universal Creative
“Ferrari F-21” CentreScreen UK
“Shuttle Launch Experience” BRC / Imagination Arts
“National Geographic” (logo) National Geographic Cinema Ventures
“MPH” Clarion Events
“Thousand Roads” NMAI
“3ality Digital” (logo) 3ality Digital
“Command & Conquer 3” (game) Electronic Arts
“Universal Studio Tour” Planet C Studios
“Starlight Express” Clear Channel Ent.
“Haunted Lighthouse 3D” L2 Productions
“Sesame Street 4D” Creative Park Productions
“Motion Picture Magic” Creative Park Productions
“Back To The Future” (restoration) Creative Park Productions
“Pirates 4D” L2 Productions

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“Jeep Seekers” (Virginia Lottery) Dreams Factory
“Man on Ledge” (promo) Twentieth Century Fox
“In Time” (promo) Twentieth Century Fox
“Nokia 3D” RPG Productions
“The Green Hornet” (ComiCon trailer) Sony Pictures Entertainment
“Darkest Hour” (trailer) Twentieth Century Fox
“A Christmas Carol” (featurette) Sam Hurwitz Productions
“Smurfs” (trailer) Sony Pictures Entertainment
“Tekturna” (IMAX for Novartis) Jack Knife Films, NYC
“Virginia Lottery” Dreams Factory
“Our Dream” (Ortho-McNeil) PD Productions
“Sydney Kimmel Ent.” (logo) Sydney Kimmel Entertainment
“Amgen” Jack Morton WW

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Television / Home Entertainment:

“Yo Kai Watch” (76 Episodes) OLM, Inc.
“Science of Sex Appeal” Incubator
“Stuff Happens” (12 episodes) Discovery
“Surgery Saved My Life” Discovery
“Everything You Need To Know” Discovery
“Megadisasters” TAP
“Program Partners” (logo) Program Partners
“Unsolved History: Aztec Blood” TAP
“Unsolved History: Donner” TAP
“Anatomy Of..” TAP
“Donnie Brasco” SPHE (BLU-RAY SE's)
“The Patriot” SPHE (BLU-RAY SE's)
“Not Another Teen Movie” SPHE (BLU-RAY SE's)
“A Knight’s Tale” SPHE (BLU-RAY SE's)
“Man on Third” SPHE (BLU-RAY SE's)
“Hallmark Hall of Fame” BD Fox

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