• MORE AND MORE practical effects, including pyro and water effects, are moving to CGI, both to reduce on-set risk and shooting days.

    So how can you efficiently integrate live-action performances into a CGI world, for film, TV or VR/AR?

    SFD’s True3DTM is the solution.

    We’re a Los Angeles-based boutique VFX studio which has specialized in difficult high-resolution (up to 27K!), giant screen, 3D stereoscopic and immersive cinema assignments.

    We also pioneered 3D stereoscopic conversion for motion pictures with our Lumiere Award-winning process used on projects like “Alice in Wonderland” and “Harry Potter - The Deathly Hallows, Pt. 1 & 2”.

    Now, by extending our 3D conversion process, we are able to produce fully photo-real CGI versions of a live-action performance that has none of the problems of competing processes.

    True3DTM provides:

    • Smooth, clean, non-proprietary assets.
    • Use any CGI package - MayaTM, HoudiniTM, 3DSTM, etc.
    • Interact with physics and fluid simulations - fire, water, etc.
    • Performance based; what YOU direct is what you get.
    • Use the talent you cast, not generic “digital doubles”.
    • No “MoCap”, no green-screen needed. Easy setup.
    • Re-animate, duplicate, merge, or additionally animate.
    • Shoot under neutral lighting and relight in post.
    • Animals? Hand props? Scenery? No problem.
    • Existing footage? We can still work with it.
    • Use True3DTM to RELIGHT existing footage in post.
    • Insert live action into navigable VR and AR scenes!!!

  • SFD has some of the most experienced VFX DP’s and VFX Supervisors in the industry ready to help you shoot live action for True3DTM conversion. We can either complete the scene, or provide performance assets to another VFX facility.